About Us

This is where we love to be, so a mobile business is our ideal!

Aloha! This is where we love to be, so a mobile business is our ideal!

Welcome to our blog!  

Our goal in these pages is to share the lessons we’ve learned in our entrepreneurial adventures that we hope will help you succeed with less pain, expense and drama than we’ve experienced. 

Look around, come back, share your thoughts.  We’re just getting started, so there will be more to come.

Being an entrepreneur is full of frustrations, endless lessons and never without at least a few bumps in the road…It’s also exhilarating!  So, if you’re like us and you’ve sampled the entrepreneurial lifestyle, you know it’s worth the struggles  and detours ‘cuz it’s hard to go back to a J.O.B. after you’ve tried it. 

The important difference in our entrepreneurial pursuits is that we also want a balanced, healthy and fun lifestyle along with the income potential.  We don’t want all work and no play, nor so much work we have no energy left.  To us, the perfect business is one where we can have control of our lives and businesses, not be controlled by them  Some believe 80 hour weeks are the norm or even essential.  We’re out to prove we can do it OUR way and still find success.  

If you’re new to this adventure, please join us and share your thoughts and questions.  We don’t claim to know it all, but we love to write and share ideas.   We’re also open to guest bloggers who have expertise that complements our mission, so please use the contact form below to get in touch.

Best of success,

Diana & Lee

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